Avoiding Pain This Fall - 3 Easy Steps!

Avoiding Pain This Fall - 3 Easy Steps!

Here are three easy tips to help you avoid flare-ups of chronic pain during the autumn season.

Why You Should Be Getting Adjusted! - Intro to Wellness Chiropractic

Understanding the basics of Chiropractic neurology, and how the spine relates to the nervous system, is key to understanding why it is important to add preventative Chiropractic care to your wellness routine. We’re going to talk about the nervous system, which is my favorite topic to talk about. We're going to use traffic as an analogy to help you understand exactly how the nervous system impacts your overall health, and how Chiropractic care improves the function of your nervous system.

The spinal cord, which is protected by the spine, is a like a big highway within your body. Much like a highway that you're accustomed to driving on, there's exits along the spinal cord. Each nerve root heading up the spinal cord is like an exit on that highway.

So let's say you get in your car in the morning, you start driving to work, you hit your exit, and all of a sudden there's traffic. We've all been there, and it sucks! You're still going to get to work even though there's traffic, but you're going to get to work so a lot less efficiently. So that's the keyword here, efficiently.

Traffic Sign.jpg

The same thing occurs in the spine. The primary job of the spine is to protect that nervous system. So each vertebrae has two little holes in it where the nerve roots exit, turn into nerves, and head off to their final destination; much like the exit ramps on the highway. So if there's restriction or dysfunction in the spine, there's going to be tension on that area of the nervous system. This causes “traffic” at that particular area of the nervous system, and in turn, everything that is being fed by that nerve root functions less efficiently.

As chiropractors, we remove restriction from the spine. We restore proper function to the spine, which in turn relieves tension from the nervous system and frees up that traffic. This way your body can function as efficiently as it's designed to function!

Aren't you a lot happier if you get in your car, you drive to work, you get to your exit, no traffic, you get there right on time, even 10 minutes early? Well let me tell you something, your nervous system is going to be just as happy if it is traffic free and functioning at its most efficient capabilities.

As always, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope this helped you understand why you should be getting adjusted, whether you're in pain or not. That's because there's most likely traffic within your nervous system!

Yours in Good Health,

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