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As a wholistic healthcare provider and a new father, the vaccine debate has come to the forefront in our lives over the past few months. Often times new parents, like my wife and I, who are simply trying to educate ourselves and put our child in the best position to live a happy and healthy life, find themselves involuntarily in the middle of a nasty debate. This debate spans from the pediatricians office, to our social media feeds, and even at the national news level. I know first hand that simply finding un-biased information on the issue can be extremely overwhelming, and as your Doctor I find it to be my responsibility to supply you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions on the health of your family. 

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I want to start by saying that we are in no-way, shape or form, “Anti-Vaccine”; but we are, by all means, 100% “Pro-education”. We believe strongly that every individual should make well-informed, educated decisions when it comes to the health of themselves and their children. You would never get a surgery, or be put on a medication without first weighing the risks, looking at success rates, and determining if the procedure is right for you. We strongly believe that things are no different when it comes to vaccines.

Unfortunately, there are risks involved with both sides of the argument. Don’t vaccinate your kids and risk the chance of them one day running into a debilitating and possibly deadly disease. Vaccinate them and risk life altering and possibly deadly reactions such as high fever, seizures, neurological disorders to name a few. Try to do research on the matter and you find yourself in the middle of a biased-driven philosophical war-zone. You can see how these decisions can add a tremendous amount of stress to the lives of new parents!

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the National Vaccine Information Center’s website by a mentor of mine (, and we strongly urge all new parents to utilize this resource to aid in your decision making process. The NVIC is a website that has compiled UN-BIASED information on each and every vaccine. From information on the disease, how the disease is contracted, people who are at higher risk of the disease, statistics on the dangers and effectiveness of each vaccine, and MUCH more can be all found on their website. The NVIC also produces what they call “Ask 8 before you vaccinate”, it is 8-questions that you will be able to answer on your own when trying to determine if you are ready to make a decision to vaccinate. You can find those 8 questions by clicking here.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or choose not to vaccinate, you are safe and at home in our office. I want to assure you that we will never judge your stance on vaccines, nor will we ever ask for your opinions on the matter as we understand that these types of decisions are deeply personal. With that being said, we are always here to talk if any of our patients have questions. We understand the amount of stress that goes into making these types of decisions in today’s world, and have the utmost sympathy for parents and infants who are in the trenches of this war-zone with us. 

Lastly, never feel pressured into making a decision when it comes to the health of you or your children. Whether it be vaccines, medications, therapies, Chiropractic care, or any form of healthcare. You should always educate yourself on the safety and efficacy of the treatment being proposed so you are able to make informed and educated decisions. After all, you are the best doctor that you can ask for! 

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Yours in health, 
Dr. Jesse Suess

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