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February 18th, 2019


Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

When: Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 7:30pm
Where: Suess Family Chiropractic, LLC

*There is no cost for this workshop,

Mental health is a streaming topic when it comes to health and wellness in today’s society, and for good reason! With the constant flow of information streaming to our fingertips we have become the multitasking generation! With this it has become harder than ever for us to be present in our own lives and take even a minute to ourselves!

Hosted by renowned artist Mark Van Buren, this beginner’s meditation workshop will introduce to you the benefits of incorporating meditation into your daily routine. Discover how meditation can support mindfulness. During the introductory workshop you will explore how to meditate. The workshop will also include a talk on the teachings and practice of meditation as well as group sharing experience.


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